I’m your SEO specialist from the Czech Republic.

I have experience with various clients/websites. Since October 2019 work for Seznam.cz where I’m responsible for traffic from search engines on services zbozi.cz (e-commerce project) and mapy.cz (well-known travel maps app).

I have deep experience in Technical SEO like crawling, JavaScript rendering, facet navigation, sitemaps, internal linking, SEO testing, and access logs.

Automatization & Data Analysis is my „middle name“, I make decisions based on dates and winning split tests. I analyze dates from Google Search Console, combine these dates with other sources, and deliver insights that deliver growth.

Also, I have enough experience in all other „not technical“ SEO activities like content or on-page SEO. I consider it fundamental that I have deeper experience in other marketing activities – so I should help and provide some base level of support in other channels.

Services which I should offer you on the Czech market:

  • Continual SEO for your website primarily B2B/B2C/travel.
  • Mentoring your SEO team which works on the CZ market.
  • Technical analysis, developer support, deeper GSC analysis.
  • Strategy opposition, correct prioritization, market knowledge.
  • Find the best partners for you in marketing in CZE.

SEO Services that I should offer you in English:

  • Opposing processes, strategies, and process improvements.
  • A technological shift of your platform/CMS.
  • Improve your skills in Keyword Analysis, Audits, GSC, tools.
  • Helps you properly use R/Python to speed up your SEO process.
  • Deeper analysis of different problems.

Why do you want to collaborate with me?

  • I have deep experience in SEO.
  • I don’t do nice „drawer“ audits.
  • I want to make you money.
  • I deliver actionable tips.
  • I educate my clients.
  • I work on my own websites.

You should contact me by e-mail:


I’m a proud contributor to the SearchConsoleR package in R.

More SEO codes, automatizations, and apps you should find on my Github.

Also, you should find some „niche“ content on MineNiches (support website) or MineNiches Gumroad (small pieces of code/snippets which you should use).